Other Services

Members of GSP have been leading lenders and advisors to the sports industry for two decades. This experience allows us to provide a full array of advisory and related services.

Capital restructuring advisory: Ever changing debt market liquidity makes it even more important that teams are aware of all their options regarding existing debt financings. This is especially true for teams with debt that matures in the near future. GSP’s active involvement in the debt capital markets enables it to lead teams in negotiations with lenders. Through the use of market insight, GSP maximizes a team’s leverage during the negotiations and thereby ensures its clients get the most favorable terms possible within the prevailing market environment. Not only do we intimately understand the terms of the various debt issuances over the past decade (based on GSP Finance’s Top 5 ranking in debt origination over that time), but we have unique insight into the loan portfolios of industry lenders, allowing us to understand their institutional view of particular credits which provides an invaluable advantage in what can be tense negotiations.

Debt capital raise advisory: For teams looking to secure the most attractive terms on new debt, GSP not only can provide financing directly, but also can tap its network of other sports lenders to ensure that teams are presented with a variety of financing options which allow them to secure the most cost effective and appropriately tailored solutions. Not only will this afford clubs the best terms and conditions, but GSP’s lead role in negotiations will also free up team management so they can spend time focusing on their core operating business.

Partnership structuring: GSP has helped control and non-control investors negotiate partnership agreements that provide fair incentives for all parties and fall within strict league guidelines.

Project Finance and Stadium Advisory: GSP has acted in a variety of capacities to assist teams in the planning, financing and development of new stadiums and arenas. As GSP is not tied to a single execution outcome or debt product, we can provide a holistic approach which evaluates a range of options to secure the best outcome for our client. GSP is not only capable of providing financing on its own (through its affiliate GSP Finance) but can provide financial advisory services to ensure that its clients secure the best solution for the specific situation.


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