Dispute Resolution and Litigation Support

As sports franchise values continue to climb, investors’ stakes continue to become more valuable, and the stakes get higher and higher. Consequently, more and more, valuation disputes are arising. In such situations, receiving sober early assessments and formulating a clear, insightful and credible strategy is critical in order to prevail. Complex professional sports dispute resolution and litigation requires the insight of experienced professionals who understand the real-world and real-time professional sports market, including all its intricacies and evolving trends.

For the last 20 years, members of GSP have dedicated themselves solely to valuing sports franchises and their related assets. In a marketplace where there is little to no accurate public information on the value of these assets, no one knows their value better than GSP. This is the fundamental reason franchises, franchise owners, minority interest owners and even the leagues themselves have turned to GSP over the years in their attempts to resolving pending or potential disputes.

Dispute Resolution

GSP prides itself on being able to unravel complex business disputes through dispute resolution and without the need for litigation. It is the Firm’s belief that, in most instances, this yields the most efficient, cost-effective and equitable outcome for both parties. Creatively structured solutions, combined with honest and accurate assessments of the potential costs of litigation, help GSP develop win-win outcomes when resolving disputes.

GSP has also served as both the sole valuation expert and as one of multiple valuation experts in situations where a valuation assessment is required to determine an economically binding purchase price for a sports franchise investor’s interest. Our extensive valuation experience focused solely on professional sports and related media entities makes GSP uniquely qualified to serve in such a capacity.

Litigation Analysis and Support

In situations where a matter cannot be resolved through alternative dispute resolution, GSP offers litigation support and expert witness testimony services. GSP has extensive experience with all phases of complex, high-stakes litigation and is comfortable serving in all capacities. GSP can provide valuable written and oral testimony, both as an expert and fact witness, or can work “behind the scenes” to support your litigation team. Services provided by GSP include:


  • Pre-litigation damages assessments
  • Discovery document review
  • Forensic financial analyses
  • Industry research
  • Critique of opposing experts
  • Critique of appraisals in a buy-sell appraisal process
  • Deposition preparation
  • Cross-examination assistance and support
  • Rebuttal-related analyses
  • Damages analysis and mitigation
  • Expert reports and expert testimony


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